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Winning THIS Shelby
My "Shelby" story began on February 6, 2012 when I first saw the Ronald McDonald House raffle to win a Shelby. I couldn't BELIEVE that an "original" NEW SHELBY COBRA was being raffled off. Of all the vehicles I've hoped to win in my life, none of them come close to the level of excitement that this SHELBY COBRA generates in my mind, body and soul. As a person (I) who has helped EVERY single not for profit organization, by way of raffle ticket purchase, without ever having a winning ticket, I knew immediately that MY winning ticket would soon arrive in the mail. Like the immortal Babe Ruth, pointing towards the wall in left center field, I am claiming this Shelby Cobra as soon to be owned by ME. My time has come. I have already (mentally) driven this car, and have felt the awesome raw power of this lightweight, stiff riding, driving machine. It is parked in my garage. Surely I must sound crazy to all who read this story before the 11 10 2012 raffle date. I just hope that you share this story on the day that you present me with the title, the keys and MY SHELBY COBRA. "

- J. Greg Devlin


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